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Licenses for Military Goods

MILITARY GOODS - red marking (Carboranes, decaborane and their derivatives)

Some of our products, such as carboranes, decaborane and their derivatives, are "energy materials" and are categorised as MILITARY GOODS. For goods classified as military, you can find all of the necessary information on this website.

A customer from the Czech Republic does not need to have a permit for trade in military material if he consumes the goods himself on the territory of the Czech Republic. Before concluding the contract, he must provide the end-use certificate (EUC) about the place and manner of use of the military material.

Required documents:

  • Purchase Order summary (POS) 
  • End - Use Certificate (EUC) + IIC - International Import Certificate (for the U. S. and Japan)
  • Copy of your country's military trade permit registration
  • Final End - Use Declaration (EUD), if the goods are also 10B enriched, enriched o-carborane, etc.

MILITARY GOODS Ordering Procedure

  • Purchase Order summary (see How to order Goods for how to obtain this)
  • Completed End – Use Certificate: docx for all countries to which military goods can be exported
                                                                 docx for domestic sales to Czech Republic
    (obligatory document for download)
  • Completed International Import Certificate – its completion is mandatory for Japan pdf and US pdf customers
  • Completed End – Use Declaration for goods that are designated as both military and dual-use items (e.g. 10B enriched o-carborane)
    • For countries other than the Russian Federation: docx
  • A copy of your country's military trade permit registration 


End - Use Certificate - please note that if the certificate is printed on 2 sheets, both sheets must be signed by the relevant authority in your country. It is important that you complete the last line on the first page, the use to which the goods will be put, which must be explained exactly and in detail (simply stating “research” is not sufficient).

For the transport of goods, we require a copy of the import licence from your government department or a confirmation (signed by customs) that no import licence is required for the import of the compound(s).

End-Use Declaration (EUD)

A completed End-Use Declaration form is required from customers from all countries, on the basis of which an export licence is granted by our national authorities.

Without a duly completed document, which is printed on the letterhead of your institution and bears the signatures of the statutory representative and an original stamp, our company cannot apply for an export licence from the Licence Administration of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic.

End - Use Declaration - introduction of use: simply stating "Research" is not sufficient. 

If the Buyer is not also the end user, they are obliged to provide this declaration from the actual end user.

Please send all scanned documents (Purchase Order Summary, End-Use Certificate, Copy of your country's military trade permit registration,  International Import Certificate and final End-use Declaration) by e-mail to .

The original documents should also be sent by standard post to our address:

Katchem spol. s r.o. Minická 635, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Upon receipt of the above documents, we shall apply to the relevant authorities for an export licence. The licence fee is paid by the buyer and is 250 EUR / 295 USD.

Duration of the licensing process: 2-3 months.

If the Seller does not obtain the export licence(s) the order will be automatically cancelled, and the Buyer will be informed of this circumstance.

Post-delivery procedure for 10B enriched military goods

Upon delivery of the goods, we must receive written confirmation from your customs office that the goods have been delivered to the end user.

Furthermore, we need a written confirmation from the end-use customer confirming that the goods have been received (this form will be sent with the goods and by e-mail). Unfortunately, the end user must complete it. We must report the confirmation (which may be in email form) to the National Nuclear Safety Board which issued the export licence immediately after the export.