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Licenses for Dual-use Goods

Licenses for Dual-Use Goods

DUAL-USE GOODS – indicated by yellow marking (These are 10B enriched compounds).

Required documents:

  • Purchase Order Summary
  • End-Use Declaration (EUD)

DUAL-USE GOODS Ordering Procedure

  1. Purchase Order Summary (refer to How to order Goods for instructions on obtaining this).
  2. Completed End-Use Declaration (EUD).            
  • For export to all countries: docx
  • For domestic sales within the Czech Republic: docx

A completed End-Use Declaration form is mandatory from customers in all countries. This document serves as the basis for obtaining an export license from our national authorities.

Without a fully completed document, printed on your institution's letterhead and bearing the signatures of the statutory representative and an original stamp, our company cannot apply for an export license from the Licence Administration of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic.

The EUD document is also required from customers within the Czech Republic to prevent the resale of dual-use goods outside the declared place and manner of end use.


  • End-Use Declaration - Introduction of use: Simply stating "Research" is insufficient. Please specify the exact purpose for which the dual-use goods will be utilized.
  • If the Buyer is not the end user, they are obligated to include a declaration from the actual end user.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Send scanned documents (End-Use Declaration(s) and Purchase Order Summary) by email to
  • Original printed documents must also be sent by standard mail to our address:

Katchem spol. s r.o., Minická 635, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Upon receipt of the aforementioned documents from the buyer (Purchase Order Summary and End-Use Declaration(s)), we will proceed to apply to the relevant authorities for export licenses.

Fees are borne by the buyer and are as follows:

  • 90 EUR / 106 USD per National Nuclear Safety Authority license (all states)
  • 90 EUR / 106 USD per license of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (the following countries are exempt from the fee: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United States of America, United Kingdom, United States, and EU Member States).

Goods will be shipped upon completion of the licensing procedure (typically within 6-10 weeks). If manufacturing is required, the dispatch date may be adjusted.


Upon delivery of the goods, we must receive written confirmation from your customs office that the goods have been delivered to the end user.

Additionally, we require written confirmation from the end-use customer acknowledging receipt of the goods (the form will be shipped along with the goods and by email, as well as included with the invoice). Unfortunately, this confirmation must be provided by the end user. We are obligated to declare this confirmation (which can be scanned and sent via email) to the State Office for Nuclear Safety, which issued the export license, immediately after export.