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Dilactamate Group products ordering procedure

  • All non-binding orders should be made via the
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  • Goods prices are only accessible by registered customers.
  • After sending a non-binding order using the web form, you will receive a confirmation email. This completes the automatic part of our order process for goods.
  • We will then contact you via e-mail as soon as possible, usually on the following working day.
  • It is not permitted to mix products from this group with other groups into one cart.

Purchase Order Summary

The above process leads to an overview of the Purchase Order Summary, which is either a copy of your non-binding order in items and prices, or an offer of the maximum quantity of inventory or, alternatively, our production options.

The purchase order summary contains the following: invoice address, delivery address, VAT (if any), contact person including telephone number, the name of the goods ordered including the catalogue number, estimated delivery date, certificate of origin, total price in requested currency, agreed mode of transport and transport price, insurance price, price of other optional services and method of payment.

The expected shipping date of the order will vary depending on the status of our warehouse, and will also be shown on the aggregate order that you will receive from us by e-mail.

The Purchase Order Summary is binding upon signature by both parties (Seller and Buyer).

If you require a Certificate of Origin, please state this fact when initially ordering these goods. The additional application increases the time needed for customs procedures in your country.

The fee for issuing the Certificate of Origin is EUR 150.



Dilactamate is packed in 60 litre steel drums (diameter 39 cm, height 59 cm)

50 kg net weight; 54.5 kg gross weight. 

Barrels on one pallet 120 cm x 80 cm


Dilactamate is a dangerous substance:


If the quantity exceeds 350 kg, it is subject to ADR and IMDG regulations for road and maritime transport 

KATCHEM can arrange transport at the customer's expense


  • We are the exclusive sellers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • If you are a customer from another country, contact the manufacturer: Lučební závody a.s. Kolín, Ing. Radek Zavadil, e-mail: ,


Synhydrid is packed in steel drums containing 25 kg (30 cm x 60 cm) or 50 kg (40 cm x 60 cm), depending on the quantity ordered.


Synhydrid is a dangerous substance: UN 3399, ORGANOMETALLIC SUBSTANCE, LIQUID, WATER-REACTIVE, FLAMMABLE (contains bis(2-methoxyethoxy)sodium aluminium hydride, Toluene), 4.3 (3), I, (B/E)

It is subject to ADR regulations for road transport.



Sold in plastic barrels

50 kg net; 55 kg gross weight 


Not dangerous from the point of view of ADR