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Dilactamate Group Goods

Dilactamate Group Goods

Required documents: Purchase Order Summary (for how to obtain, see How to order Goods)

If you require a Certificate of Origin, please state this fact during placing the Demand. The additional application increases the time needed for customs procedures in your country.

The fee for issuing the Certificate of Origin is EUR 150.

It is not permitted to mix products from this group with other groups into one cart.



  • Dilactamate is packed in 60 litre steel drums (diameter 39 cm, height 59 cm)
  • 50 kg net weight; 54.5 kg gross weight. Barrels on one pallet 120 cm x 80 cm.
  • Apart from standard 50 kg packaging, we can also provide samples of 8 kg Dilactamate, packed in 10 litre steel canisters (24 x 16 x 34) cm3.


  • Dilactamate is a dangerous substance - UN 2924 FLAMMABLE LIQUID, CORROSIVE N. O. S. 3, II        
  • If the quantity exceeds 350 kg, it is subject to ADR and IMDG regulations for road and maritime transport. 
  • We can arrange the transport at the customer's expense.



  • Synhydrid could be packed in steel drums containing 25 kg, 50 kg or 200 kg each. The standard packets which we have in stock are 25 kg only, so if you want to receive the goods faster, choose these ones, please. Otherwise, we have to inform you that the delivery date for 50 kg and 200 kg packets won´t be before one month after receiving an order.


  • Synhydrid is a dangerous substance - UN 3399, ORGANOMETALLIC SUBSTANCE, LIQUID, WATER-REACTIVE, FLAMMABLE (contains bis(2-methoxyethoxy)sodium aluminium hydride, Toluene), 4.3 (3), I, (B/E)
  • It is subject to ADR regulations for road transport.



  • Sold in plastic barrels
  • 50 kg net; 55 kg gross weight 


  • Not dangerous from the point of view of ADR