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Delivery Terms

Delivery terms

The delivery time period begins when the Purchase Order Summary (POS) is signed by both sides (and all technical issues have been resolved and all optional advances are received). A condition required for the timely goods dispatch is completion of the customer´s responsibilities (sending all obligatory documents – EUC, EUD etc. for export licence obtaining, if they are necessary).

Delivery time is deemed completed if the Seller notifies the Buyer of the expedition date or the Seller informs the Buyer that they can collect the goods in case of the Buyer providing their own transport.

The date of dispatch must be agreed in writing. Delivery periods and delivery terms are binding only if they have been explicitly designated as binding.

Until the Buyer provides the necessary documents for all necessary licensing procedures, the Seller will not start production and does not guarantee a predetermined date of dispatch of the goods.

In the event that the licensing procedure is unsuccessful, the law does not allow the Seller to deliver the goods.

Place of delivery, transport and insurance

The delivery address is agreed in the Purchase Order Summary and, unless otherwise agreed, the place of delivery is always the place of loading.

Transport is arranged by the Seller and its costs paid by the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed in the Purchase Order Summary, or unless the General Conditions stipulate otherwise.

The Buyer confirms shipping instructions with the Seller when signing the Purchase Order Summary.

If the Buyer wants to arrange transport with the Seller, the Seller has the right to decide the best method of transport at their discretion, i.e. the goods may be sent to the Buyer by air, by ship, by train or by road transport. The price is then stated in the Purchase Order Summary and after signing becomes binding.

The transport of goods and their identification are governed by the relevant provisions of IATA, ADR, CLP.

All the Seller´s supplies are made in accordance with INCOTERMS 2020 and in accordance with the current logistics fees, which can be found on the websites of individual freight forwarding companies.

Goods worth more than €1,500 /USD 1,600 are automatically insured at the Buyer's expense.