About Us
Research & Development

We provide research and development capabilities primarily in the field of boron chemistry. Over our 30-year history in the market, we have successfully completed dozens of joint research projects with various research institutions and private companies. Our well-equipped laboratories feature advanced technological and analytical equipment, and our expert team boasts extensive experience and high capabilities. We specialize in researching, preparing, and developing world-class production technologies in boron chemistry. A significant portion of our experts have backgrounds in basic research, offering familiarity with the academic environment and expertise in project management, collaborating with both commercial and academic professionals. Moreover, we have a track record of handling projects within international consortia.

Reasons to Collaborate with Us:

  • We are a formidable partner with abundant experience.
  • We produce a range of products developed in-house in our laboratories.
  • Many of our products hold a dominant market position.
  • Our products are supplied worldwide.
  • Our development efforts prioritize the most efficient and cost-effective production technologies.
  • We maintain well-equipped laboratories.

If you're interested in collaborating on research and development, please reach out to us:

Email: bartkova@katchem.cz

Phone: +420 724 097 634