Customer Care
How to order Goods

The Order Procedure


All Demands should be made through the company's website

The chemicals that Katchem spol. s  r.o. produces and sells are all listed on the company's website along with information about basic physical and chemical characteristics.

Only a registered customer with a completed profile may see the item prices and place Demands.

If a customer makes the first query via phone or email, they will be referred to the site. This is the only way to request first information.

After sending your demand using the web form, you will receive a confirmation email. This completes the automatic part of our process.

Next, we will check the stock / production capacity and contact you as soon as possible, which is usually the next working day.

Purchase Order Summary (POS)

The above process leads to an overview in the Purchase Order Summary, which is either a copy of your demand in items and prices (if we can fully supply it), or an offer of the maximum amount of inventory, or our production options (if we cannot supply it).

The Purchase Order Summary contains: the invoice address, the delivery address, VAT (if any), the contact person including the telephone number, the chemical name/s of the item/s requested including the catalogue number/s, the estimated delivery date (which is valid only if POS is accepted within two weeks), the total price in the requested currency, the agreed mode of transport and the transport price, the insurance price, the price of the royalties (if applicable), the price of other optional services and the payment method.

The Purchase Order Summary is in fact draft of buying contract, which is issued by the seller.

Order confirmation

A Purchase Order Summary is binding upon signature by both parties (seller and buyer).

The buyer is obliged to submit a signed, scanned Purchase Order Summary to the seller.

A signed, scanned Purchase Order Summary must be accompanied by all the documents required for granting the export licence in case of dual-use goods and military goods (the links for all necessary documents are available on the website, or they can be found in the Demand confirmation e-mail).

If the Purchase Order Summary is not signed within two weeks, the item/s will no longer be reserved and will be released for resale. The whole business case is cancelled.

All the products we offer are color-coded in the price list and on the company's website. The conditions under which our company can export goods abroad are described on the following links: