Katchem s.r.o.

4.1 IN04/2034  Paracarborane production

The main aim of the project is implementation of paracarborane (1, 12 - C2B10H12) to the large scale production. The reglementation for preparation was developed in Katchem labs. Regarding the aim of increasing the production and reducing the price of product, it is necessary to change the production technology, mainly separation of the product from the reaction mixture, final purification of the product, substantial increasing of yields and decreasing of production costs.


Project of the European union 4.2 PT03/116
Research and Development Centre Katchem

The aim of the project is improvement of the laboratory equipment of the company Katchem Ltd. It consists of purchasing equipment needed for:

  • Laboratory preparation of boranes and their derivatives - special, very expensive compounds and research of their new applications
  • Preparation of boron compounds enriched with isotope 10B for the treatment of cancer using boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) and research and development of methods of their synthesis
  • Development of new catalysts for polyamide production
  • Research and development of new monomers based on carboranes

The project will be realized in the new long-term rented building in Kralupy nad Vltavou. In particular,
the research centre will be equipped with new fume hoods and high pressure reaction vessel.


4.1.IN04/779 Introduction of a new technology of carborane compounds production

The aim of the project is implementation of new progressive technology of carboranes production. Thanks to higher purity and lower cost of o-carborane, it will be able to enter new fields of industry. The company Katchem Ltd. developed new and original technology of carborane production. During the last 20 years, the demand for carboranes increased dramaticaly. These compounds are mainly used for the production of dexil polymers, which exhibit some interesting properties such as high thermal and chemical stability or ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation. Other uses of related compounds include production of antivirotics, production of highly efficient and sellective extraction agents for radionuclides, production of semiconductors or cancer treatment by BNCT. The implication of the project will be better availability of carboranes of high purity, broadening the spectrum of uses and improvement of export. The project will run in synergy with project 4.2 PT03/116 "Research and Development Centre Katchem".